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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Monday, October 24, 2016

If in Doubt... CHECK IT OUT!

Contact Details for Skin Diseases & Skin Conditions.

Its never too late to start saving your skin!

Skin cancer is now the 2nd most common form of cancer in the UK. Getting a painful sunburn just once every two years, can triple the risk of the most serious type of skin cancer. Dont get caught out at home or on holiday... protect yourself!

I have added some helpful links to my website for information on skin conditions and skin diseases.

British Skin Foundation: A, B, C, D, E-asy way to check your moles:

Sunsmart: Kids cook quick in the sun... keep them covered!

Governments Public Health website: Further information can be obtained from their website.

Health and safety Executive: skin diseases are often linked to workplace skin exposure to chemicals, but bear in mind that these diseases could also develop when people expose their skin to physical agents, biological agents, plants mechanical forces and sun at work. You should remember exposure to these substances can happen during leisure/DIY activities.

National Cancer Institute: U.S National Institutes of Health

Health Institute: A healthdirect Australia health information service.

The British Association of Dermatologists: is the professional organisation for Consultant, Trainee and Staff and Associate Specialist dermatologists in the UK and Eire:

Skin diseases and disorders: are very common health problems and virtually every person will have some type of skin disease or disorder at some point of life. This website will help you diagnose and treat most common skin disease and disorders. But remember to consult your doctor before taking any actions.

Skin-disease.org: is a guide to various types of skin diseases & disorders, problems and conditions for your complete skin care. It also covers various skin treatments and products for skin rash, skin cancer. We have included all the skin disorders with pictures.

The Inflammatory Skin Disease Institute (ISDI): Inflammatory skin disease is a broad category that includes many conditions, ranging in severity from mild itching to serious medical health complications.

Inspectors to visit sunbed premises.

From 8 April 2011 the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 came into force, representing a major step forward in protecting all ages from portential skin damage, especially the young people across the country.

Did you know that it takes around 6-8 sunbed sessions to achieve the same result- with just one spray tan!

The Act requires sunbed businesses to ensure that no person under the age of 18 can use sunbeds on their premises. As a result health and safety inspectors will be inspecting all sunbed premises to raise awareness of the new legislation.

Micky Duck, senior environmental health officer, said: “I believe the introduction of the Act will give valuable protection to young people who are particularly vulnerable when it comes to contracting skin cancer- evidence from the Department of Health found using a sunbed once a month or more can increase the risk of skin cancer by more than half.”

The Act further restricts the sale, hire or provision of sunbeds, in particular prohibiting unsupervised tanning salons, and requiring sunbed business to provide health and safety information and protective eyewear to customers.

Fantastic news for Spray Tanning!

OSHCR: Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register

Michael Duck can be found on the link below:


Over 10 years working in Local Authority health and safety enforcement within the hospitality, retail, offices, service and leisure based industries. The different types of services on offer- Health and safety policy, risk assessments, training, RIDDOR- reporting of accidents, manual handling, pressure systems, work equipment, first aid, COSHH and chemicals, working at height, slips and trips, workplace transport, stress, young people, expecting mothers, occupational contact dermatitus, violence, temperature, sickness abscence, risk education, noise, musculoskeletal disorders, moving goods, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), human factors, fire, ergonomics, disease reduction etc.

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