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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Monday, June 27, 2016

UK Work station Portable Nail Extractor Filtering Fumes and Dust

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UK Work station Portable Nail Extractor Filtering Fumes and Dust
Item Code: Small nail ext

Price: £190.00 (Includes VAT)
RRP: £249.90
Individual Delivery Cost: £10.00

  • All Ireland Customers please purchase from drop-down box
  • Size: H-26cm x D-16cm x W-20cm
    Weight: 5 kgs packed
    Colour: Black

    Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock.

    Health Aware: Now upgraded, 6 times the power H.S.E require!

    Our portable and powerful, high-end Extractor Fan/Unit for fume and dust extraction is for, beauty salons or mobile or home room usage and built by an award winning manufacturer in the UK for; manicure and pedicure treatments and is now on offer at £200.00 including delivery and vat for a limited time! Appeared in the "Scratch Magazine" February 2012- see Gallery.

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines require a downdraft of around 1 metre per second or an air inlet speed of 0.5 metres per second... this Portable Nail Extractor unit for dust and fumes, sits on your nail station/ table top and has an air inlet speed of 1.98 meters per second- so over 6 times the required amount!

    If you are in the beauty industry and produce dust and fumes performing beauty treatments you WILL want an Extractor unit that’s powerful, to minimize the harmful dust that we can not see and the fumes we inhale each minute- of each day.

    Our Most Powerful and efficient, Portable Manicure Nail Dust and Fume Filter/ Extractor Unit Fan is for use on your tabletop workstation.

    Supplied to many Colleges and Salons- worldwide.

    A much-anticipated portable Nail extraction fan/ unit that actually filters the clouds of dangerous nail dust and absorbs the fumes from our products we use, has finally been created for the nail technicians. A wealth of products we use in Beauty Salons and on the go- to date contain a variety of chemicals that may be potentially harmful to the health of Therapists and clients alike and these chemicals are also damaging to the environment.

    Extraction is of uttermost importance if you are using, or are in contact with any of the hazardous substances:

    Curing Agents, Drying Agents, Hardeners, MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), Nail Dust, Solvent Based Products. Chemicals from all these sources can be particularly hazardous, as they become airborne quickly and so are more easily inhaled by Therapists and clients.

    The acrylics (in particular Methyl Methacrylate: or MMA) used to create nail extensions are considered to be particularly hazardous.

    Long-term exposure to MMA can cause damage to the respiratory system and the liver.

    Dust created by filing and shaping nails can contain an array of different bacteria’s, including benzoyl peroxide, silica and methecrylate polymers.

    Quick-drying nail sprays, nail varnishes and removers can all contain toxic fumes.

    This is why it is essential to use some sort of extraction system to remove the chemicals and dust from the air we breath.

    The beauty of producing fantastic nails is very popular, but along with this mastered technique comes the prolonged breathing of dangerous dust and fumes that makes the application very uncomfortable for both client and Technician.

    Feeling nausea, eyes stinging, headaches, dizziness, sneezing and throats burning are just a few common symptoms we suffer in our normal day to day working environment... this is very unhealthy for an enjoyable, growing industry, causing long term medical conditions and this needs to change!

    Thankfully, a compact powerful nail extractor fan/ unit has been designed so the atmosphere is a more comfortable place to work and being portable is suited for both- salon & mobile Technician users. Sitting on your work station/ table or desk, at the side- in between client and technicians working area- makes this extractor unit perfect for all. You can take this anywhere to maintain indoor air quality/ ventilation.

    Undergone huge tests to meet the needs of today’s application of nail enhancements and looking after nails in general, this extraction unit has been designed and tested to very high standards, and built with the Specifications that no other compact "portable nail dust & fume filtration unit", can compete against.

    High Specification:

    Dimensions: H-26cm. W-20cm. D-16cm
    *Weight: 5 kgs packed
    * Airflow: a huge 250 cubic meters (m3) per hour- With the filter fitted.
    * Will filter a room 10 foot x 12 foot – 6 times an hour (or 20 m3)
    * NO ducting or pipe work needed to an outside air source
    * Colour: Black
    * 53 Watts
    * 220 Volts
    * Fitted with dual purpose filter for removing dust & fumes (dust filter and carbon filter fitted together so no need to change filters during nail treatments)
    * Extremely quiet 52 dB (decibel) described online as; barely heard- suitable for a quite office.
    * CE Approved
    * One year's Warranty
    * Two metre power lead
    * Made in the UK
    * Helps protect your health
    * Powder coated Steel for long life (oven baked)
    * Removes unpleasant odours
    * Captures dust- even the dust you can NOT see, Filtering particles as small as 0.4 micron
    * Complies with all regulations
    * Built to last
    * Replacement quality filter cartridges available

    Please note: this is NOT an imported plastic unit, it’s built to last (check our motor life) and produced by an Award winning UK Manufacturer. This extractor will be around for years!

    Motor Life: 40,000 hours, if you run this extractor unit 5 days a week- 8 hours a day (9am-5pm), this can be equivalent to nearly 20 years! The manufacturer has customers that purchased machines from them 20 years ago and are still running perfectly.

    * Electricity Consumption: Based on an average of 10p per Kilo-watt hour and this extractor being 36 watts- this extractor per hour will use less than 1p in electric!!!

    If you are investing in a portable nail extractor, including the nail stations built in version- then find out the Spec and compare with this model before you purchase, you will be extremely surprised at the difference of filtration, I can't state the importance of this enough. You need to protect your health!

    Many so called nail extractors do not even state the spec on their write ups as the power/ filtration is very poor and misleading- most are just fans that blow the dust around in your working atmosphere… this causes the client and Technician to inhale more harmful nail-dust and fumes!

    Trouble to ask the supplier for the information you deserve to know- Extraction is very important! Also find out if you need to get your "manicure work station- nail extractor" serviced annually... as a naive college Tutor was telling me of the poor extraction rate on her nail station extractor (built in desk version) and not only was the table a small fortune to buy in the first place and not extracting, but the college also has to pay over £150 annually, per table to get it serviced!

    You would benefit looking into what you are buying:

    m3 is the amount of area it will clear per hour... m3= cubic meters (Room space).

    Our compact nail dust and fume extractor clears: 250 m3 per hour- equivalent of a 12 foot x 10 foot room, 6 times over an hour with the filter fitted... the most powerful and efficient manicure nail extractor.

    Our Extractors do not need any pipe work/ ducting to an outside air source which is beneficial... any piping or ducting used on an extractor- would cause a huge loss in the filtration clearance quoted- per hour (m3). Always take the time to find out what the clearance (m3) is, for the room its to filter/ extract- with the filter fitted, as this (m3) clearance can drop a considerable amount with the filter fitted and pipe work added! We will not mis-lead you... our (m3) clearance IS the actual clearance per hour- with filter fitted!

    See our more Information for detailed Specification for; Colleges and Salons- Health and Safety.

    Colleges; please email through your college email address for discounts.

    You may wish to know that our Diverse Range of Award Winning Extractors, service the following industries;
    •Government Archives •Dentists .Nail Salons •Pyrography •Hobby Ceramics •Podiatry •Panel beating •Home Renovations •Model Making •Egg Sculpting •Spray Tanning •Hair and Beauty Salons •Craft, Pottery •Pet Grooming •Police Evidence lock-up •Schools •Men's Sheds •Home Use Asthma •Home Hobbyist •Woodworking •Craft •Nail Treatment Salons •Building Sites and Renovations, etc etc.

    All Ireland customers, please use the drop-down box to purchase and then; add to order, as the extra shipping cost has been added to All Ireland locations (Northern and Southern).

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