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Accredited HVLP Spray Tanning Training Course in Essex
Price: £99.00
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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Walking in Sunshine a guide to HVLP and Airbrush Spray Tanning

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Walking in Sunshine a guide to HVLP and Airbrush Spray Tanning
Item Code: Walking in sunshine 2nd

Price: £24.99 (Includes VAT)
Delivery: Courier.

  • 2nd Edition
  • ISBN: 9780956895905
  • Cover's both VTCT (NVQ) level 2 and VTCT (NVQ) Level 3 applications- of a spray tan
  • Written in a clear and easy to understand format
  • Step-by-step illustrations to support the text of spray tanning
  • An invaluable purchase
  • Size: 196 pages on silk

    Available for immediate delivery.


    Walking in Sunshine™ 2nd Edition
    ISBN: 9780956895905

    Walking in sunshine™ a guide to airbrush and HVLP spray tanning is now on its second edition and covers all application levels of spray tanning. This published Spray Tanning book, guides you through the art of applying a perfect spray tan, even self tanning by hand, with countless hints and tips for marketing a successful spray tanning career- mobile or salon based.

    Walking in sunshine™ is a published book and is neither an e-book nor a DVD. Save your self-months worth of time and trouble by reading this packed training guide, it will avoid learning some things the hard way.

    Knowledge is staying safe- protecting yourself, your business and your clients... in this growing industry where it's believed that- spray tanning is the second most requested beauty treatment- the more you know, the faster you will be able to build a loyal spray tanning clientele that will want to keep returning to you for your services. Get ahead of your competition- with over 10 years worth of industry hints and valuable tips and being described as "unique" and "extremely good value" for anyone connected with running a spray tanning business.

    "Be the best you can be"

    It's always a good idea to have a reference book, you can revert back to for future concerns connected to spray tanning- we can all forget important information! Reading a book in your own time before you undergo your training, gives you background knowledge on the subject and I find students seem to be more relaxed when they undertake their training... as they feel its not a complete unknown subject having read about it before hand! Some training courses do not include all the vital information you need in their training packages- how are you going to find this important information out…the hard way?

    *This popular Reference book cover's both VTCT (NVQ) level 2 and VTCT (NVQ) Level 3, applications- of a spray tan.

    *Written in a clear and easy to understand format, with step-by-step illustrations to support the text of spray tanning.

    *Printed on top quality 150 gsm silk paper- for anti-glare when reading.
    *196 full pages.

    *An invaluable purchase for students and professionals alike.

    Walking in sunshine™ is an expert guide, but a modern read of "How To"... a holding hand for qualified spray tanning technicians and anyone interested in making their career in spray tanning.

    Spray tanning is one of fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry as more and more people wake up to the dangers of skin cancer. Thankfully spray tanning has advanced in leaps and bounds, and we no longer need to char ourselves under a foreign sun to feel sun-kissed.
    With proven earning potential, spray tanning can be a career in itself or a lucrative addition to a beautician’s treatment menu.

    Guiding you through:

    •The Science of fake tanning
    •Clear diagram of skin with information how spray tanning works
    •Choosing the correct DHA for the client
    •Equipment with photo's
    •Airbrush spray tan application- pictures with clear instructions
    •HVLP spray tan application- pictures with clear instructions
    •Applying self tanning products by hand
    •Importance of Insurance
    •Importance of good training
    •Skin diseases
    •Patchy spray tan's
    •Advice on male spray tanning
    •Frequently asked Questions
    •Trouble shooting- equipment
    •Approved Health & Safety, By Environmental Health Officer
    •Consultation & Aftercare information forms
    •In-depth Promoting and Marketing your business for salon & mobile Technicians (over 14 pages)
    •Free solutions directory with discount codes

    And much, much more... many are referring to this book as a "Spray Tanning Bible"... I always wanted to be the best at spray tanning and over 11 years later I am still going strong in this competitive industry and now spray tanning my first ever clients- children!!!!

    Caring about your clients is what is needed to be good in your job and you can only do that- with knowledge.

    *The marketing section would suit anyone connected to beauty, searching for ways to build and promote their business.

    See more Information on Walking in sunshine™- if your College is not mentioned and would like it to be- contact us.

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