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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pair of Collagen Crystal Eye Masks

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Pair of Collagen Crystal Eye Masks
Item Code: Collagen eyes

Price: £3.00 (Includes VAT)
Delivery: Courier.

Available for immediate delivery.


Pair of Collagen Crystal eye masks

These Collagen eye masks, offer a high absorption rate of ingredients- 10x more than that, of ordinary facial masks, in just a 10-20 minute, treatment session.

The 10x absorption technology; dissolves under natural body temperature and so boosts the under eye area with collagen, whitening essence, nutrients and vitamins, leaving the under eye area feeling soft, hydrated, cooled and calmed of tiredness.

The collagen Crystal eye masks are specially pre-moistened with phyto-collagen, derived exclusively by bio-fermentation technology, which has been proved to its power of collagen enrichment, deep moisturising and wrinkle smoothing. Truly a wonderful treatment for; the morning after- the night before!


* Boosts collagen production

* Increases cellular renewal

* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

* Re- Hydrates the skin

* Refreshes tired eyes

A luxury therapy for any facial or eye treatment service- offered by a beauty therapist.

How to use

* Thoroughly cleanse face

*Open foil package and apply eye masks immediately

* Smooth onto skin to ensure good contact

* Leave on the skin around 20 minutes

* Gently peel off

You can massage the excess liquid from the packet- into your skin after the treatment.

This treatment is meant for one application only, but we found that if using on yourself- sealing the masks back in their packet, placing in an airtight container and placing in the fridge, will allow a further treatment.


1. Avoid using on broken or sunburnt skin
2. Do not use on sensitive skin
3. Stop using this product if you feel uncomfortable or irritation and seek your Doctors advice
4. Keep out of reach from children.
5. For external use only

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