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Price: £99.00
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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Friday, June 24, 2016

UK Mobile or Salon Most Powerful Spray Tanning Extractor Fan Unit

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UK Mobile or Salon Most Powerful Spray Tanning Extractor Fan Unit
Item Code: Tan Ext

Price: £210.00 (Includes VAT)
Individual Delivery Cost: £10.00

  • Most powerful & Efficient spray tanning extractor
  • Filters over 840m3 with filter fitted
  • Exclusive Dual Density Washable Filter
  • Low running costs
  • High Specification
  • UK's Number 1 Registered Supplier
  • IRELAND BUYERS select purchase from drown-down box
  • Size: 30H x 30W x 14D (cm)
    Weight: 6.25kg
    Colour: Black

    Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock.

    Special offer for a limited time- the most powerful & efficient Spray Tanning Extractor fan unit £220.00 inclusive of vat and shipping, for clearing Maximum spray tan overspray mist, for HVLP turbine and Airbrush equipment, salon or mobile... the UK's Number 1 supplier. Ireland buyers, please select from the drop-down box.

    You are investing in your business; you will benefit checking all extraction equipment for salon and mobile use! An extractor fan/ unit removes and filters overspray generated in the application of spray tanning solutions. If you donít use an extractor unit, itís likely you and your client will be inhaling some of that fine mist, and itíll settle on walls and furniture. Thatís unhealthy and unclean. Fail to use one and you expose yourself to risk of cleaning bills, insurance claims and possibly worse if your client suffers asthma or has other breathing-related or eye-related problems. Even salon owners without any known respiratory problems have been known to suffer tightness of breath when spraying in rooms with poor ventilation.

    All components in Spray Tanning solutions are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for skin application only- the FDA have not approved its safety- for inhaling!

    This Spray Tanning Extractor Unit can be used with the portable tent or in the salon, its used by the spray Tanning Technician. This extractor is a little monster and the first compact spray tanning extractor to be made in the UK with the Exclusive Dual Density washable filter, clearing over 840 cubic meters (m≥) per hour of overspray- with the filter fitted!!!

    PLEASE DO YOUR STUDY, WHEN YOU INVEST IN AN EXTRACTOR UNIT... as many are claiming the wrong m≥ of overspray cleared in 1 hour. Some claim ridiculous amounts of overspray cleared in one hour- you would be deafened if this amount of m≥ was correct (very misleading).

    Some are giving you the m≥ cleared, before the filter is fitted in the extractor unit... this reading is also misleading as the m≥ clearance drops a considerable amount once the filter is fitted!

    If Extractors state "Airflow" m≥ measurements (or delivers); without quoting assembled and filter fitted- it most likely means its the motor movement of air before its assembled into the unit- Airflow measurements can be misleading and you need to know the m≥ clearance when assembled, with the filter fitted. The m≥ (cubic meters per hour of overspray clearance) will drop a considerable amount once fitted into a unit and the filter added. All suppliers of Extractor fans/ units should be willing to give you the correct m≥ clearance measurements.

    As stated above our Extractor motor has the airflow clearance of 900 m≥ per hour, but when we fit our motor into its casing and add our Exclusive thick dual density filter- this clearance drops to 840 m≥ an hour... we will not mislead you in thinking our extractor clears nearly 900 m≥ per hour!!!

    A high-end extractor unit specification:

    * 100-watt motor, driving a backward curved fan for power and efficiency
    * Over 840 cubic metres of air filtered an hour With the filter fitted, this is equal to filtering a large double car garage- 10 times over per hour
    * Thermal protection with built-in cut-out
    * Ingress protection to IP44 standards
    * All steel construction weighing only 6.25kg
    * Dimensions: 30H x 31W x 14D excluding handle and knobs
    * Power coated for long life in black (oven baked)
    * Dual Density washable filter (Exclusive)
    * Two year return to base warranty
    * Does NOT need any piping/ ducting to an outside air source
    * CE-approved
    * 220-240 volts 100 watts
    * Two-metre power cord
    * Conforms to the safety test of small childís finger
    * Expected Motor Life: 40,000 hours.
    Example: if you run this extractor unit 5 days a week- 8 hours a day (9am-5pm), this can be equivalent to nearly 20 years! The manufacturer has customers that purchased machines from them 20 years ago and are still running perfectly. Keep your filter clean and dry every day its used.
    * Electricity Consumption: Based on an average of 10p per Kilo-watt hour and this extractor being 100 watts- this extractor per hour will use just 1p in electric!!!
    * Made in England to high standards with over 20 years experience

    We ship all over the world- please contact us for your Location Voltage and postal costs.

    See more Information on useful knowledge...

    All Ireland customers, please use the drop-down box to purchase and then; add to order, as the extra shipping cost has been added to All Ireland locations (Northern and Southern).

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