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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Iwata Smart Jet Plus HT Compressor

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Iwata Smart Jet Plus HT Compressor
Item Code: ISJ HT Comp

Price: £247.50 (Includes VAT)
Delivery: Courier.

  • Low maintenance oil-less single piston air compressor
  • Quiet running
  • Smart Technology automatic switching reduces running time & motor wear
  • Reservoir 450cc built into the handle
  • Registered Supplier
  • Ireland Buyers purchase from drop-down box
  • Size: 28 x 16 x 27.5 cm
    Weight: 5.5g
    Colour: Black

    Available for immediate delivery.


    The Iwata compressors are powerful compact, quite and very reasonably priced, if you buy Iwata you know you are buying a quality piece of equipment… they have been around many years and so this suggests its longevity of life.

    This is the “New” SMART JET PLUS-HT from Iwata, it is nearly twice as powerful as a Iwata Sprint compressor or the Iwata Smart Jet, so you can run two fine airbrushes or one high-flow airbrush or a small spray gun (but round pattern only when we are talking of the Eclipse G6 gun). See other listing for the more powerful compressor to run both circle and fan pattern gun.

    This type of machine is preferred when heavy use is expected for spray tanning or higher pressures required, and this powerful compressor is now available much smaller in size, than the larger compressors, so is now even suited to the mobile Technician as well as the salon. Its what us Technicians have been waiting for, and we don't need to shout at our clients to have a decent conversation, as these compressors are much quieter.

    The Smart Technology automatically turns the compressor on when you press your airbrush trigger, providing instant air at the pressure you have set to, and the compressor switches itself off again when the airbrush is not in use. The Smart Jet Plus Handle Tank compressor, like its name suggests, has the additional feature of a 450cc tank inside the handle. Oil-less piston compressors are low-maintenance. This means that you do not have to change the oil.

    The Smart Jet Plus Handle-Tank is suitable for running two of the following, or other similar fine airbrushes concurrently: (A multiple-outlet manifold is additionally required to connect two airbrushes)

    •Iwata Revolution •Iwata Eclipse (except G6) •Iwata HP (except BC2) •Iwata HP-Plus •Iwata Hi-Line •Iwata Custom Micron •Iwata Kustom series •Paasche CC •Paasche F •Paasche Talon •Paasche V •Paasche VJR •Paasche VSR90 •Paasche VV •Badger 100 •Badger 150 (except with HD head) •Premi Air G35

    The Smart Jet Plus Handle-Tank is suitable for running one of the following airbrushes, small spray guns or similar:

    •Iwata HP-BC2 •Iwata Eclipse G6 (not fan pattern) •Iwata RG-3 (up to 0.6mm nozzle, not fan pattern and at low pressure for tanning only) •Iwata LPH-50 (up to 0.6mm nozzle, not fan pattern and at low pressure for tanning only) •Paasche H •Paasche HS •Paasche VL •Paasche VLS •Paasche MIL-SET •Paasche AEC •Paasche 200T (at low pressure for tanning) •Badger 150 HD •Badger 155 •Badger 175 •Badger 200 •Badger 250 •Badger 260 •Badger 350 •Asturo C3,C5

    Registered Supplier.

    UK shipping free.

    All Ireland customers, please use the drop-down box to purchase and then; add to order, as the extra shipping cost has been added to All Ireland locations (Northern and Southern).

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