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Accredited HVLP Spray Tanning Training Course in Essex
Price: £99.00
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Castlepoint Tanning, a UK Company

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Accredited Airbrush SprayTan Training Course

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Accredited Airbrush SprayTan Training Course
Item Code: Airbrush TanTraining

Price: £99.00 (Includes VAT)
Delivery: Courier.

  • Accredited Spray Tanning Training Course
  • 3 Models Tanned by student
  • one-to-one Training
  • No background Knowledge needed
  • Includes Published Spray Tanning Book
  • So much knowledge shared

  • Available for immediate delivery.


    Accredited and approved, airbrush Spray Tanning Training Course, receive a recognised Spray Tan qualification to gain Insurance- for all ages and abilities. We also provide- HVLP spray tanning training course too.

    Expect 1-to-1 training with NO practising on fellow students, you will spray tan 3 models on your personal, professional spray tanning training course to be adequately assessed on your spray tan application.

    Everything you need to start a spray tan business, mobile or Salon based.

    Spray Tanning has become one of the most requested treatments at home and in the Salon. Not only is it a fast and easy way to apply a Tan, but also the results are precise, flawless, streak free and most important of all- it isn’t harmful. Even Teenagers are becoming Health Aware.

    Recent studies have proved that prolonged exposure to U.V light can be a cause of skin Cancer. This has increased the need to find an alternative that presents a good job safely and efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

    The average cost for a full body Airbrush Spray Tan costs between £15-£25, takes approximately 15-20 minutes to apply, resulting in excellent profits.

    Spray Tanning generates over 50 Billion per annum world-wide- train the art of "Airbrush Spray Tanning",then add this service to your treatments menu.

    I realise their is a wealth of information on this page regarding spray tanning training, but by taking the time to read, may just prevent another Technician from choosing poor training because of their innocence to know what they need to look for.

    If you’re interested in pursuing a career in spray tanning, even if you’ve recently undertaken a course with a view, a number of questions may have occurred to you?

    *If you’re qualified, how well have you been trained?
    *Did you leave your training school confident in your ability to sell and apply a professional spray tan?
    *Is the training school closest to you the one you should opt for?
    *Do you need the latest expensive equipment?

    Regardless of how much you pay, there’s no guarantee of a perfect end result. Poor applications earn you nothing more than a bad reputation and no clientele. There are many points to take on board and research is key.

    Find out what your spray tanning course will cover before you hand over your fee and make sure that on completion of the course you’ll receive a certificate that‘s recognised by reputable insurance companies – I can’t stress the importance of this too strongly. In the event of a claim being made against you, you’ll need to produce your qualifying certificate and may even be asked to show the course syllabus handed out on your training day.

    Spray Tanning is here to stay.

    Did you know?... Airbrush Spray Tanning is taught at most Community Colleges with in the VTCT Level 3 Beauty Therapy course, and HVLP spray tanning is taught with in VTCT Level 2!

    Cheap courses and local are not always best, find out what you are paying for. Your Course will cover:

    *Published spray tanning Bible "Walking in Sunshine" which is supplied to many Colleges & Universities across the UK.
    * Health, Safety & Hygiene
    * Risk assessments
    * Professional ethics
    * The operation of the Airbrush and Compressor
    * Looking after your Equipment
    * How to apply the perfect Tan with clear instructions how to position your client
    * Correction of mistakes
    * Client consultation and record keeping
    * Before and After, Aftercare
    * Contraindications to the treatment, skin diseases
    * Allergies
    * Home made Recipe for a body scrub, you can share with your clients
    * Frequently asked questions
    * Practical spray tan to 3 models
    * All equipment supplied for your Training day
    * Syllabus for you to keep, along with marketing ideas
    * Spray tanning Aftercare leaflets and Important Consultation Forms included in the price
    * Trouble Shooting
    * Help line, even after you have paid your fees
    * CPT Insurable Diploma Certificate on successful completion. Recognised by Professional Beauty etc.

    Spray Tan Training Course Duration, in Essex: 9am till 3.30pm approximately- time isn't money here!
    PRICE: £99.00 Inclusive of VAT.

    Don't know the differece between HVLP or Airbrush Spray Tanning- See more information.

    Please make sure your Tutor has a Teachers Diploma to train students, this certificate should be displayed or shown- to prove they have the competence to teach a class of students.

    See more information- well worth taking the time to read...

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